Are you looking to make friends, meet your neighbors, network for business, join a book club, or volunteer for community work? Well, that puts you in the perfect place- because I created a Facebook group that will allow you to do all those things and more!

My name is Abby Raymond-Dow. I am a Realtor, Mom, Pompano Enthusiast, and South Florida fan, who saw a desire for people to connect and a need for our communities to have a positive platform to meet. It was from this need that the idea for “Waves” was born. Waves is a group for the women of NorthEast Broward county that interacts on Facebook, and that also provides many opportunities to meet in person.

I had a vision when I created Waves, to provide women with a positive environment to make connections for wherever they are in life- married, divorced, mother of 6, mother of none, career focused, philanthropist… our commonality is that we are all women who are geographically close- and we want to connect!
My hope is that the group will be a place to make new, lasting friendships; obtain business and referrals; and that it will provide the satisfaction of seeing others make friends and powerful connections too.
Groups are what you make of them, so I invite you to join us, to participate online, and to come meet us in person. Share humor, issues, reach out for help- as a mom, a concerned neighbor, or as someone looking for a good referral.
You have a community here. Stay positive, welcome others, help when you can, and let’s make our group all that it can be!
Waving always,

Want to join? Fantastic! Click here:


A rising tide lifts all boats, and we are the Waves that can bring that tide in!

Waves is a positive, welcoming group for the women of northeast Broward county. We are committed to supporting each other and our community by online interaction and through a variety real life events.

Why is the group called Waves?

Because a “wave” is a symbol of greeting, acknowledgment, and acceptance- and we want you to know that we see you, and welcome you.

Waves, because the water is an essential part of our lifestyle.

(We are in South Florida, right?)

Waves, because we can create “waves”, and make a difference by building a sense of community and through our work.

Waves provides a variety of in-person events so that there is something of interest for everyone- and so that everyone can find their people!
Ladies, you are welcome here.

Contact me today to get more information and/or to join.