Why you should cut your own hair


Have you ever considered just how much money you spend on getting your hair cut?

I have, and I have come to the conclusion that cutting your own hair is probably one of my best ideas! Just think, you save the time that you invest just getting to your stylist, not to mention waiting for your appointment, plus you are free to be as creative as you want (since it’s only yourself that you have to answer to). There are additional benefits I am sure, but we all know that the best reason for cutting your own hair is the money you save.No paying for the cut, shampoo, or the tips!

How fabulous is that?

If you just read that and are wondering if your Realtor has lost a screw somewhere in one of the houses she showed, don’t worry, she hasn’t. I also think this is “sheer” insanity. (Couldn’t resist!)

It’s hard to believe, but a lot of people do something far worse than cutting their own hair. They try to buy or sell real estate by themselves. (Gasp! My little real estate heart just fluttered at thought of it.) A real estate transaction involves more money (and opportunities for mistakes) than almost any other undertaking of their lifetime, yet some people actually take real estate transactions into their own hands.The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893

I understand that sometimes these brave souls are not completely alone; some hire a lawyer, and that is fantastic. But still, how many lawyers are out there on the field, dealing with agents, markets and neighborhoods? You need someone down in the dirt, who is an expert at what they do. You need a real estate agent. Let the lawyer do what she does, which is protect you with her knowledge of the law and of contracts, and I will do what I do, which is give you the benefit of 19 years of selling property.

(Just so we are on the same page, when I say run to an agent, I mean yours truly.)

I can think of so many mistakes that are far more expensive than paying a commission; and actually, statistics have shown (over and over again), that people who sell with an agent end up with more money in their pocket than people who don’t. 

I really shouldn’t have to say anything else to convince you. Really. That one piece of information should have you running to an agent if you are evenconsidering buying or selling. Just think, you get professional assistance and more money in your pocket!

This works for buyers too. I am working on a deal right now where I have already more than earned my keep just by negotiating the contract price down more than he would have, and by getting additional credits for the inspections. (Just in case you think this doesn’t apply to you, the buyer I am working with now is extremely smart, and an accomplished businessman; yet he would not have thought to ask the right questions- and, as you can see just from this basic sale, that would have led him to make some pretty expensive mistakes.)

What I am saying is, you need a professional. There are some things you just don’t want to cut corners on. Commissions are expensive, but not paying them will most likely cost you far more. The next time you are thinking about trying to venture out alone in the world of real estate, consider trying your hand as a hair stylist- on your own hair. In both cases, it can get really ugly. Are you really willing to take that risk?

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